Police are the only suspects in the death of Ronald Greene

Five state police officers and a local cop were charged with beating to death Ronald Greene, a Black man, following a traffic stop. The cops tossed his body on the side of the road to cover up the murder. The cops told Greene’s relatives that he had been killed in a car accident.

The state police and the sheriff’s employee are named and have been charged as follows:

Former Louisiana State Trooper Kory York — 1 

count of negligent homicide, 10 counts of malfeasance in office.

Trooper York was previously suspended for 50 hours without pay as part of the Louisiana State Trooper’s probe.

Former Louisiana State Trooper John Clary — 1 count of obstruction of justice and 1 count of malfeasance in office.

Former (Louisiana State Trooper) Trooper Dakota Demoss – 1 count of obstruction of justice. Demoss is no longer with LSP. He was fired as part of an unrelated case.

Former Louisiana State Trooper Captain John Peters — 

1 count of obstruction of justice.

Union Parish Deputy Chris Harpin — 3 counts of malfeasance in office.

Body camera footage shows that Greene,49, was arrested in a high-speed chase ending in Monroe, Louisiana if the police report can be believed. Green is dead and he can’t speak for himself. The chase occurred May 10, 2019.

Police dragged him across the pavement on his stomach and refused to let him sit up.

When Greene was killed during an encounter with Louisiana state troopers, the authorities originally told his family he died when his car crashed into a tree during a high-speed chase. 

His bloody death on the roadside in northeast Louisana was reported as an accident until the Associated Press disclosed a coverup.

Greene was beaten by the troopers and police who pulled him over, tased him, beat him, and dragged him from his car.

The initial crash report made no reference to a fight with police, but a medical report from an emergency room doctor documented that Greene’s injuries included stun-gun prongs in his back.