African American Against the bomb flyer

Blacks continue to push for nuclear disarmament 

 The film “Oppenheimer” which opened in theaters Friday,...

Fort Polk changes name from a Confederate general to a Black Medal of Honor recipient

Fort Polk, which was named after Lt. Gen. Leonidas...
General Charles Q. brown getting off a jet

Joe Biden selects a fighter pilot as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

President Joe Biden has named Air Force Chief of...
Paul Rusesabagina getting a medal from Bush

The inspiration for “Hotel Rwanda” has been pardoned 

Paul Rusesabagina who inspired the Hollywood film “Hotel...

Finally, an honor for Vietnam War veteran

President Joe Biden on Friday awarded the Medal...
A close-up shot of the black general

Black general gets his fourth star

Lt. General Michael E. Langley is expected to...