The area covers climate change and global warming.

World food security increasingly at risk due to climate change impact

      By UN News  Speaking at the launch of a Special Report on Climate Change and Land by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Geneva, experts highlighted how the rise in global temperatures, linked to increasing pressures on fertile soil, risked jeopardizing food security for the planet. Humans affect more than 70 per cent of ice-free[Read More…]


Treat climate crisis with ‘greatest urgency’, Bahamas leader tells UN Assembly

UN News—Hurricane Dorian, one of the most destructive Atlantic storms ever recorded, “is a generational tragedy” for The Bahamas, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said on Friday. Addressing the UN General Assembly nearly one month after Hurricane Dorian devastated two major population centers in the archipelagic nation, Mr. Minnis urged his fellow world leaders to treat the climate crisis as the[Read More…]

Indonesia will build new capital because Jakarta, it’s current capital, is sinking

   Indonesia is building a new capital because Jakarta, the nation’s current capital city, is sinking and will be completely underwater in 30 years, experts say. President Joko Widodo announced Monday that a new capital will be constructed on the island of Borneo close to the cities of Balikpapan and Samarinda. President Widodo did not name the new capital. Construction[Read More…]

Report: the planet continues to get warmer

  The planet’s long-term warming trend has continued through 2018, with the average global temperature set to be the fourth-highest on record, reports the World Meteorological Organization, which is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The 20 warmest years on record have been the past 22 years with the top four in the past four years, WMO reported. The global average temperature[Read More…]

California’s wildfires have killed 76 so far; many are missing

  California’s wildfires have killed 79 individuals and more than 1,100  people are missing, according to Cal Fire, the state’s fire protection and prevention bureau.  The fires have damaged or destroyed at least 15,000 structures. California Governor Jerry Brown blamed the fires on climate change, increasing drought, lower humidity and water vapor. The Camp Fire, which is still active in[Read More…]

Trump Pulls U.S. out of Paris Climate Accord

  President Donald Trump continues to unravel significant accomplishments of his predecessor President Barack Obama, a man Trump claims was not born in the United States; therefore, did not have the right to be president. President Trump announced on Thursday the United States was withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord whose goal is to fight climate change by cutting greenhouse[Read More…]

Poll: we see global warming as a major threat

[ilink url=”http://www.northstarnewstoday.com”]Return to the homepage and video channel at www.northstarnewstoday.com or just click here to see the complete issue and video channel.[/ilink]   by Frederick H. Lowe Two-thirds of African Americans believe global warming is a serious issue, ranking it as one of four major challenges facing the black community. Crime, economics and education rank as the most-serious issues and[Read More…]

Turn the Green Movement Brown – A Call to Action from Green 2.0

[su_button style=”flat” background=”#94989b” text_shadow=”4px 0px 5px #868686″ desc=”Return to the homepage to see the complete issue and video channel.” rel=”lightbox”]HOMEPAGE [/su_button] By Khalil Abdullah, (New America Media) WASHINGTON, DC – Robert Raben, founder of an influential public relations and government affairs firm, The Raben Group, recalled the moment about a year ago that kicked his personal commitment to expand diversity[Read More…]