University of the Bahamas students displaced by Hurricane Dorian can attend Hampton University

University of the Bahamas students displaced by Hurricane Dorian can enroll for free at Hampton University this semester as part of an agreement between the two schools. Students from the University of the Bahamas also will receive free room and board for the 2019 Fall semester, officials of both schools announced. Classes began September 3. Dr. William R. Harvey, Hampton’s[Read More…]


What a graduation gift! Billionaire will pay off student loans for all 400 2019 graduates of Morehouse College for Men

      By Frederick H Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Black billionaire Robert F. Smith awarded the class of 2019 at Morehouse College for men a gift graduating seniors and their parents won’t ever forget. Smith, founder, and chair of Vista Equity Partners and a philanthropist announced on Sunday that he would pay off student loan debt for all of the 400[Read More…]

Morehouse set to admit transgendered male students

Students who self-identify as men will be admitted to Morehouse College, an African-American university for black men based in Atlanta, beginning in the Fall 2020 semester, the Board of Trustees announced Friday. “The Gender Identity Policy will allow individuals who self-identify as men regardless of the sex assigned to them at birth to be considered for admission in the nation’s[Read More…]

Morehouse selects a new president

                By Frederick H. Lowe Morehouse College has selected Dr. David A. Thomas as the Atlanta-based school’s 12th president, ending a six-month period of transition during which the profiles of more than 100 executives, including several sitting college presidents, were reviewed. Dr. Thomas, the H. Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business at Harvard Business[Read More…]

Preschool teachers keep closer eye on black boys

Posted by Bill Hathaway- Yale University Sophisticated eye-tracking technology shows that preschool teachers “show a tendency to more closely observe black students, and especially boys, when challenging behaviors are expected.” At the same time, black teachers hold black students to a higher standard of behavior than do their white counterparts, report researchers. While the research doesn’t explore why this difference in[Read More…]

Teachers report weaker bonds with students of color

Posted by Rachel Harrison- New York University Teachers say that they have weaker relationships with children of immigrants and teens of color, a new study has found. “Teachers’ relationships are hugely important for all students, but particularly so for groups that are marginalized. Yet, the students who could most benefit from relationships with their teachers are the ones that have[Read More…]

Tuskegee University to eliminate 100-plus positions

By Zenitha Prince   Special to the Trice Edney News Wire from the Afro American Newspaper ( – Tuskegee University is  joining a growing number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities that  are cutting staff  cuts due to budget problems. The university, which is based in Tuskegee, Ala., recently announced its commitment to reducing its annual operating costs by $15 million to[Read More…]

Black students graduate with nearly $8,000 more in college debt than their white counterparts

By Frederick H. Lowe This is the time of the year when college students proudly march down the aisle to their parents’ cheers, applause, shouts of approval, some relief and the sounds of “Pomp and Circumstance. ” That’s the good news. Then there’s the bad news for black students. Black graduates from lower middle- income families complete college with significantly[Read More…]

Schomburg Center is looking for a new director

Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, is resigning to become a tenured professor at the Harvard University Kennedy School.  He also will join the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, a division of Harvard University. Dr. Muhammad, who was named the Schomburg Center’s director in July 2011, replacing Howard Dobson, said his successor[Read More…]

How ‘grit’ takes a toll on black college students

  “The process of healing from racial battle fatigue and institutional racism requires significant internal commitment and external support,” write the researchers. “Black college students are brilliant, talented, and creative, and they dream as big as other students. Pursuing higher education should not make them sick.” (Credit: Ryan McGuire/Gratisography)   Posted by Joan Brasher Vanderbilt University Past research shows that[Read More…]

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