Grand Jury lets the police walk concerning Jayland Walker’s murder

A Special Ohio Grand jury failed to indict eight Akron police officers who fired 46  shots at Jayland Walker, a delivery driver, as he ran his life in a hail of bullets before died.

The toxicology screen was negative for drugs or alcohol, according to the Summit County Medical Examiner Lisa J. Kohler, M.D.

The medical did not have gunshot residue because it could not be determined whether the person, Walker, did not fire a weapon.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said Walker was driving before he jumped out of his car. Yost said made a threatening, before leading to the shooting. A gun was found in his car and next to a wedding ring.

The cops fired a total of 94 shots at Walker in 6.7 seconds. The eight officers have not been named but they have resumed desk duties.

Walker was hit in the heart neck and lung, liver, spleen, left kidney, intestines, and multiple ribs. He also was shot in the knees, right lower leg, and right foot.