Stacey Abrams calls on Black men to vote for her

Stacey Abrams, who is running to become the first Black woman governor of Georgia, has appealed to Black men to put her campaign over the top and place her into the Statehouse on November 8th. “If Black men vote for me, I will win Georgia,†Abrams said during an event titled “Stacey and Fellas.†Abrams, an author several books, said in a run against incumbent Governor Brian Kemp, that Black men have been left out of the conversation and that her campaign for governor is absolutely winnable with their support. On the cover on one-page document which Abrams calls her “Black Men’s Agenda,†Abrams says: “We deserve leadership that sees, that serves us, and that believes in us. “Stacey is committed to investing in Black men, their families, and their businesses by leveraging Georgia’s $5 billion surplus—a plan that economists agree will not raise taxes. On the cover of her brochure, Abrams is pictured shaking hands with Black men. In the 2020 Presidential election, 12 percent of Black men voted for Republican Donald Trump compared with six percent of Black women. W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project, said White men determine campaign messages that ignore Black men. Abrams addresses several major issuers, including economic security, health and housing, education and job training and criminal justice & public policy. Abrams proposes tracking police officers with records of bad behavior and preventing them from getting new jobs.