Dorothy Pitman, the co-founder of Ms. Magazine, dies

Dorothy Pitman Hughes, a Black feminist, and lifelong activist who co-founded Ms. Magazine with Gloria Steinem died on Dec. 1. She was 84.

She met Steinem, who was a journalist writing a story for New York Magazine.

They later became friends and co-founded Ms. Magazine. The magazine was launched as a “one-shot†sample insert in New York Magazine in December 1971, according to the history of the publication.

 Born Dorothy Jean Ridley on Oct. 2, 1938, in Lumpkin, Georgia, Hughes committed herself to activism at an early age, according to an obituary written by her family. When she was 10, it said, her father was nearly beaten to death and left on the family’s doorstep.

The family believed he was attacked by the Ku Klux Klan, and Hughes decided to dedicate herself to helping others through activism.