Remembrance held for Buffalo’s 2022 mass shooting victims

A remembrance was held Sunday for the Black man and Black woman who were gunned down while either shopping or working at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo by a White supremacist who wrote “Nigger” on an AK-15 automatic weapon. 

Each time the names of the innocent victims murdered by Peyton Gendron were mentioned, a bell rang for them. The shooting occurred on May 14, 2022. Three were wounded.

The murder victims were Celestine Chaney, Geraldine Tally, Andre Mackneil, Hayward Patterson, Kathrine Massey, Ruth Whitfield, Roberta Drury, Pearl Young, Margus Morrison, and Aaron Salter.

Gendron plead guilty to the murders and is serving life in prison. 

President Joe Biden told graduates of Howard University that White supremacy is the most dangerous threat to the nation’s homeland.