A black truck driver who was surrendering was then attacked by a commanded police dog

A Black truck driver, who raised his hands to surrender following a police chase, was charged and bitten by a commanded police dog. The surrendering man has hired Ben Crump to act as his attorney.

Crump said: “This traumatic experience will stay with Jadarrius Rose, 23, the driver, for the rest of his life.” 

Rose called his mother and state police before stopping his truck and getting out.

The dog was let loose on Rose by its handler, Ryan Speakman, a Circleville, Ohio police officer. 

Several members of the Ohio State Police on the scene yelled at Speakman not to release the dog.

An Ohio State police officer could be seen crying after the dog attacked Rose biting him on the face, neck, and torso. 

The video shows that at the moment of the dog attack, Rose was on his knees. The dog attacked Rose on July 4.

The decision to hire Crump follows the Circleville, Ohio, police department firing of Speakman, the K-9 officer. 

Chief Shawn Baer said in a statement that Speakman’s actions “did not meet the standards and expectations we hold for our police officers.â€

The police union is trying to get him reinstated.

The state police were chasing Rose because the truck’s right mud flap was missing from his 18-wheeler. 

Rose hesitated to stop, fearing for his life because Ohio State Police had their guns pointed at him. Rose said he was afraid that the cops would kill him.

“This harkens back to the 1960s when unarmed Black people, who are not a threat at all to the police, are still attacked by police dogs,†said Crump. “It’s disturbing that this officer did that in light of all the cameras that he knew were out there.â€