Trump wants a change of venue and a new judge

Former President Donald Trump is seeking a change of venue and a new judge at his trial in which he has been charged with attempting to overthrow 2020 election results and causing an attack on the nation’s Capital on January 6.

Former President Trump has called for District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan on Sunday morning and legal aides say Trump wants the venue changed to West Virginia where he has a lot of support.” 

We will be immediately asking for the recusal of the judge on very-powerful grounds. And likewise for a venue change out of D.C.,†he said on his website Truth Social.

Judge Chutkan was appointed to the District Court by then-President Barack Obama, whom Trump didn’t consider Obama to be a U.S. citizen and therefore he shouldn’t have been U.S. president. 

Chutkan, who is 61, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Judge attended undergraduate school at Geoge Washington University and Penn Law School.

She took the oath of office on June 5, 2001. She sentenced January 6 rioters to more time than the government has recommended.