Former Milwaukee Bucks player receives police settlement

Sterling Brown, a former player for the Milwaukee Bucks, whom Milwaukee cops beat for parking his car in two handicapped spaces at a Walgreens store, settled this week with the city, which agreed to pay Brown $750,000 for injuries he suffered. 

The Milwaukee’s Office of the City Attorney and Milwaukee Common Council must still approve the agreement.

The settlement with the City of Milwaukee acknowledges constitutional violations and an agreement to make changes within the police department.

Brown, who recently signed with Alba Berlin, a basketball team based in Berlin, Germany, walked out of Walgreens in 2018 when Joseph Grams, a cop, demanded his driver’s license.

Grams began shoving Brown. He called for police backup, and three other police cars sped to the scene, a video shows. 

A cop stepped on Brown’s ankle while other cops mocked him. Others grabbed Brown, throwing him to the ground before tasing him. He was never charged with a crime.

Following the scuffle, two sergeants were suspended for 10 to 15 days without pay. Another cop was suspended for two days, and eight others were ordered to receive additional training.

Brown said money from the settlement would be used for programming and other efforts through his foundation, The Brown Brothers SALUTE Foundation.

The Foundation was established to provide education, events, programs, services, and resources to under-served youth and adults within low-income neighborhoods similar to the economy of Maywood, Illinois.

Brown was born in Maywood. In addition to playing for the Bucks, Brown played for the Rockets, the Mavericks, and the Lakers.