Hunter Biden is indicted 

Robert Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s 53-year-old son, today was indicted for knowingly deceiving a firearms dealer when buying a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver on Oct. 12, 2018. 

He is charged with falsely filling out a federal firearms form, denying he was addicted to narcotics. 

He is charged with knowingly possessing the revolver despite the restrictions against drug addicts owning a gun. The younger Biden was set to plead guilty in July to two misdemeanor charges of not paying taxes in 2017 and 2018, but the deal fell apart. 

The plea agreement started to fall apart at the court appearance, where it was expected to be finalized after the judge presiding over the case raised questions about some details. 

“The agreements are not straightforward, and they contain some atypical provisions,†U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika noted, including one that could theoretically protect Biden from other tax-related crimes in the same period.

Two counts carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third has a maximum of five years. Each count also carries a maximum fine of $250,000.