Claudine Gay wasn’t much fun for Black men at Harvard

Although Claudine Gay resigned Tuesday as Harvard University President in the wake of allegations of plagiarism and not doing enough to snuff out antisemitic behavior on campus, some current and former Black-male professors have said good riddance. 

Winkfield Twyman Jr., a Harvard graduate, warned that readers shouldn’t just accept Claudine Gay as a victim of the KKK, including some wearing suits to cover their sheets.

Some called Gay nasty, racist names, but Twyman claims she’s also made a career out of “disrupting†Black male scholars. Newsweek published the article last week.

Twyman, a retired professor at California Western School of Law in San Diego, ripped Gay and insisted the recent attacks on her credibility are “well deserved†and not, as some have argued, totally “racial in nature.† 

His comments about undermining Black men are an open secret in the Black community. 

Black women are often hired and promoted over Black men, and the women target Black men to please their bosses, who are White. Black women are told by their mothers that White men are good catch. I have often seen this.

Twyman claimed Gay axed Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. as dean of Harvard’s Winthrop House in 2019 after he joined movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s legal team. 

Sullivan responded to Gay’s resignation on Tuesday with one word “karma.” He has since removed the post on X, formerly Twitter.

He also claimed Gay coordinated a “witch hunt†against Harvard professor Roland G. Fryer Jr, who wrote a 58-page paper about the killings of unarmed Black men in Houston, Texas, and found no racial disparities. The paper received much pushback.