The Defense Secretary has been released from the hospital following treatment for prostate cancer

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III was released today from Walter Reed Military Hospital, where he has been treated for prostate cancer, a disease that affects large numbers of Black men.

Dr. John Maddox, Trauma Medical Director, and Dr. Gregory Chesnut, Director of the Center for Prostate Disease Research at the Murtha Cancer Center, both of Walter Reed, said Defense Secretary Austin progressed well throughout his stay, and his strength is rebounding. 

He underwent a series of medical tests and evaluations and received non-surgical care during his stay to address his medical needs. They are working to resolve some lingering leg pains. 

Secretary Austin’s prostate cancer was treated early and effectively, and his prognosis is excellent. He has no planned further treatment for his cancer other than regular post-prostatectomy surveillance.

He was admitted on December 22 to treat prostate cancer. 

He returned to the hospital on Jan. 1 due to complications, including a urinary tract infection. 

His hospitalization was not revealed until four days later, and the Pentagon did not specify why he was being treated until Jan. 9.