Hunter Biden was a crack cocaine addict

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, smoked crack cocaine every twenty minutes and was so angry about the quality of the drugs sold to him by drug dealers that he made his own, testified Zoe Kestan, who testified during a trial Thursday. Biden was charged with lying on federal paperwork, saying that he wasn’t an addict so he could purchase a gun. 

Kestan was Biden’s former girlfriend who was a witness and a participant in the president’s son’s drug-fueled partying, during which she said he would disappear for weeks. 

Another famous family also had trouble with drugs.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. admitted he was a heroin addict for 14 years, and his ex-wife killed herself by suicide after a long battle with alcohol and drugs. 

Kennedy’s uncle, John F. Kennedy, was president before being killed by an assassin, and his father, Robert F. Kenney, was a U.S. Senator and planned to run for president before he was killed by an assassin’s bullet. 

Hunter Biden’s addiction and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s addiction demonstrate how illicit drugs have taken over the upper echelons of society, but the only people the media shows as serious drug users are Black men. 

When police stop a Black male driver, they routinely ask him if he has any drugs in the car or on his person. This figures into large numbers of Black men being imprisoned for drug offenses. 

Nationwide, Blacks comprise 62 percent of drug offenders admitted to state prison. In seven states, Blacks constitute between 80 and 90 percent of all people sent to prison on drug charges.

Nationwide, Black men are sent to state prison on drug charges at 13 times the rate of White men.

Two out of five Blacks sent to prison are convicted of drug offenses, compared to one in four Whites. 

Black men are incarcerated at 9.6 times the rate of White men. In eleven states, they are incarcerated at rates that are 12 to 26 times greater than that of White men.

Kennedy has complained to anyone who would listen that people feel dispossessed, and we need to start healing people, RFK told during an exclusive interview with the London Daily Mail.

‘We need to be taking some of that money we’re sending to Ukraine and start spending it on the crisis we’re having right here at home,” Kennedy said. 

Hunter Biden faces three felony charges tied to a 2018 firearm purchase while using narcotics. He is accused of making false statements on a gun purchase application when he said he was not illegally using or addicted to drugs. He procured a gun and possessed it illegally for 11 days.

Biden has pleaded not guilty. He could face up to 25 years in the big house if convicted.