Delivery Driver Murdered By 42 Bullets, Ninety Bullets Were Fired By Police

An unarmed delivery driver was shot 60 times and killed by Akron, Ohio, police who fired 90 bullets at the 25-year-old before handcuffing him as they took him to the medical examinator office’s where was declared dead. 

Jayland Walker was shot to death following a traffic stop during which he jumped out his car and ran. The shooting occurred round midnight on June 27. He was in shot in the face, abdomen, arms and legs.  

He was pronounced dead at the scene following a 4 ½ minute chase. He was handcuffed as the police took him to medical examination.  

Although police said he was unarmed and posed no threat to anyone. A cop found a gold wedding band that belonged to girlfriend had killed in a recent car accident and gun in his among his possession. It was not clear if the gun has been fired. 

Police claim they attempted to pull over Walker for a traffic stop. Eight cops chased Walker. 

One of the Walker family’s attorneys, Bobby DiCello, told reporters Thursday afternoon that Walker had no criminal record. He worked for DoorDash and was previously employed at Amazon com. 

After he was shot, Walker was lying face down and was handcuffed.  

Eight police officers, including one Black cop and a woman have been reassigned pending investigation but the Fraternal Order of Police claims the killing was necessary. 

The deadly shooting in Highland Park occurred July 4th was very similar to one that occurred a few months ago in Buffalo, N.Y. 

Shoppers drove to Top Friendly Markets to buy groceries.  

In Highland Park, Illinois, which is considered a safe suburb near Chicago, where mothers, fathers, and grandfathers, took their children to watch the Fourth of July annual parade. 

The gunman cased both locations for days when warning the shooting begin 

Pathyon Gendron,18, wanted to kill mostly Black men and women at Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo. Gendron believed in the right-wing replacement theory that people of color with displace White people. 

Robert E. Crimo 3rd, fired from the roof top of a building in downtown Highland Park, killing seven people and wounding 20 others. 

Crimo was dressed in women’s clothing and easily blended into the crowd that had initially came to watch the parade and turned for ran shelter.  

He fired eight hundred shot rounds of ammunition killing seven people and leaving more than 30 wounded.  

Back in Akron, the scene of the crime 

Earlier in the day, protesters marched to the home of Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan. A off group of at least 100 people, including some who were armed, were watched by a large number of law enforcement officials. 

Protest organizers said two activists were arrested and they were making plans to bail them out of jail once the march came to an end. 

The protest was organized by a black led organization that aims to build Black political power and to equip the Black community with capacity-building Tools. 

Walker is the third Black man killed Akron police this year.