Pentagon will open an office dedicated to studying UFOs

The Pentagon will officially open an office to expand the search for unidentified flying objects or (UFOs) as officials imply there will be a major announcement concerning unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

The U.S. government has taken a renewed interest in UFOs over the past several years, following the 2017 leak of three now-infamous video clips showing mysterious, wingless aircraft soaring at hypersonic speeds past U.S. Navy pilots.

The U.S. Navy officially confirmed and declassified the videos in April 2020, but it has provided no explanation the mysterious objects.

The Pentagon will focus exclusively on investigating UFO sightings. The office will be named the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office which will serve as a central hub that collects, investigates, and manages UFO sighting across the Department of Defense, which includes the Army, Navy and Air Force. The newly created Space Force is not listed.

Most Americans believe that Roswell in New Mexico’s desert in 1947 is the first crash landing site of a UFOs.

In 1961, Barney and Betty Hill reported they were abducted by a UF0.

Most of Betty Hill’s notes, tapes, and other items have been placed in the permanent collection at the University of New Hampshire, her alma mater. In July 2011, the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources marked the site of the alleged abduction with a historical marker.

Earlier this year a hearing chaired by Rep. Andre Carson (D., Ind.) discussed UFOs before the meeting was closed to the public.

The Pentagon has released more than 1,500 pages of UFO-related materials.