Exceptional Black young men often mean nothing to killer White cops and even some Blacks cops

A Black graduate student was beaten bloody and unconscious by three cops on July 16 for running a stop sign in Oakland, Tennessee.

Following an attempted traffic stop, Brandon Calloway was chased into his father’s house where cops beat him with a baton and shocked him with a Taser.

His girlfriend screamed for them to stop wasn’t he wasn’t armed but they continued to bludgeon him with fists and batons.

The cops kicked through the font door, entering without a warrant, and began beating Calloway.

Blood covered his face and hands, and Calloway suffered multiple injuries to his head, left eye, temple and arm.

The beatings and murders of young Black men continued when Robert Adams, 23, who was shot in the back and killed by San Bernadino, California, police, and 60 shots were fired by Akron, Ohio, cops who murdered Jayland Walker. He car’s taillight was broken. He was also killed.

In both the Walker and Calloway attacks Black cops were involved in the shooting and beatings. Walker wanted to become an entrepreneur and Adams intended to go to college.

One of the cops pulled his gun on Calloway and pointed it at him.

Calloway was charged with evading arrest, resisting, disorderly conduct, failing to stop at stop sign and speeding. He was driving 32 miles per hours in a 20 mile per hour zone. He was handcuffed on the pavement. Calloway is 5’3’’ tall and weighs 110 pounds.

Calloway earned an engineering degree, from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, where he received high honors. He also was certified notary public. There is which show JusticeforBrandonCalloway that features the video of the cops beating him.

He drove to his hometown to surprise his girlfriend to take her to a fancy dinner.

The Oakland Police Chief said the three cops are still on the job. One cop has been suspended but he is still collecting his city pay.