He was in and now he is out

That’s how long Mickey Joseph went from being the first Black coach of the Nebraska Corn Huskers to losing his job after he had been hired on September 11.

Priscilla Arzaga Joseph had her husband, Mickey Joseph, arrested on November 30th after she alleged that he pulled her hair, strangled her, and punched her during a domestic argument. 

Priscilla Arzaga is known in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area for her career as a radio personality. They have six children.

Joseph denied striking his wife and pulling her hair. He was released on bail on December 1st, and he is scheduled to appear in court on January 30. He’s looking at three years in prison.

When Scott Frost, the previous coach was fired, Joseph served as head football coach the during the last nine games of the season.

Initially, the school placed Joseph on administrative leave, but now he has been fired by Trev Alberts, the school’s athletic director, 

The 54-year-old Joseph was earning a big salary as interim football coach. 

He earned a stipend of $33,000 per year as interim coach. In addition, he earned $150,000 if the Huskers got to a bowl game, $100,000 if the team won the Big Ten West title $300,000 if the team wins the Big Ten title.

Joseph was the Corn Huskers’ quarterback. He was named interim coach on September 11 after Frost was fired. He is also owed $600,000 in compensation but it’s not clear whether he will be paid.

Joseph said it was unlikely he would return to Nebraska and hewillseek another coaching job elsewhere. 

With the shakeup, Matt Rhule has been named head coach of the Corn Huskers.